Sunday, 31 October 2021

Covid Test

Just been for my Covid-19 swab test. Now self-isolating for 3 days before my hospital appointment on Wednesday. Hope this one is not cancelled.

GUESS WHAT?, THIS APPOINTMENT WAS ALSO CANCELLED. Another 3 days of my life wasted on self isolation from my covid swab.

This appointment was also cancelled, nobody got in touch, so a wasted journey once more. Will have to wait and see when the next appointment is?

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Hoover Washer Drier

 Back on the 6th October our washing machine threw a wobbly and tripped the mains supply, checked out the electrics but nothing apparent. Had booked an appointment for a repairer to call ( through a maintenance policy) and was given a date of the 13th October, which was cancelled a week later and given a new appointment 21st October.

A long time to wait for a repair in my opinion, hopefully it can be repaired, although if beyond repair, we are guaranteed a replacement to the same value, or vouchers for the same. Should be interesting to see the outcome. 

Was meant to get a phone call this morning from the repairer, nothing to date, and it is now 13.52.

My wife managed to get through on the phone, and whoever arranged the repair forgot to assign an engineer, apologies and a £40 refund for the inconvenience. New repair confirmed for 1st November. 

Just received a call from the Repair company, notifying me that the repair we had booked for Ist November has been cancelled, and a new repair appointment set for the 8th November. I think my wife's blood pressure will rise when she hears this news. That will make it a month since the machine broke down.

Finally got a text message this morning confirming that an actual engineer will call between 12.30 and 14.30, only 7 weeks since the machine was reported as faulty. We took out the repair or replacement policy in December 2008 and figuring out what we have paid over the years at £4.99 per month. We have actually paid approx £750, enough to buy at least 2 new machines.

Forgot to mention, the insurance policy is with Domestic & General, who I would not recommend to anyone. 

The engineer actually turned up, fitted a new motor which was the cause of the problem, left me to dispose of the old motor !!

Monday, 18 October 2021

Hospital Appointment

 3.25 today I have my annual cystoscopy check up at Louth Hospital, fingers crossed all is well. Arrived on time only to be told that my appointment had been cancelled. I should have been notified. It would appear that my swab test and self-isolation from Friday till today was all for nothing. Presumably I will have to go through all this again when I get issued a new appointment.

Bonus is that in the post when I got back home, was a Premium bond win of £75.

Surprise, surprise, got a new appointment through the post this morning, a day after the cancelled one.

Have just had a new hospital appointment through the post 3/11/2021, swab test Sunday 31st Oct at least I won't waste a weekend this time.

Thursday, 14 October 2021


Was out last week with the family, having a tapas meal in town and was pointed in the direction of a good coffee supplier Larders Coffee shop. A few days ago, I dropped in to the shop and bought two bags of ground coffee to try. Was not disappointed, tried the House blend so far, and it is excellent, will try the Vietnamese blend next, it is a dark roast.


Monday, 11 October 2021

Bird Table

 Started on my bird table last week, the old one was falling to bits and needed replacing, some parts done with a scroll saw and others just a hand saw. It was a big mistake using a warped plank of wood on the scroll saw, it was hard work and lesson learnt. Now to sand and seal it over the next few days. Already made a pole and stand for it, so well on the way to finishing it.